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Cassie and Dan Woodhouse 
Cassie and Dan's wedding at The Manor by the Lake, Cheltenham.
Laura and Ken Vennard 
Laura and Ken's wedding at Grittleton House.
Emma and Luke Dearman 
Emma and Luke's wedding at Orchardleigh Estate.
Cathy and Dave Lawley 
Cathy and Dave's wedding at Grittleton House in Wiltshire.
Katherine & Luke Thomas 
Katherine and Luke's Wedding at the Guildhall Bath
Karen and Laurence's Wedding 
Karen and Laurence's wedding at the Moonrakers Hotel near Trowbridge.
Becky and David Simpson 
Becky and David's Wedding at Bowood Hotel.
Bekki and Ross Passant 
Bekki and Ross's Wedding at Marsh Farm, Royal Wootton Bassett.
Roisin and Ralp McMullen 
Roisin and Ralph's wedding at Trowbridge Registry Office.
Amy and Steve Harney 
Amy and Steve's Wedding at St. Patrick's Church, Corsham
Jenny and Russell Smith 
Jenny and Russell's wedding
Sarah and Chris Needham 
Sarah and Chris's wedding at Wick Farm
Sarah and Daniel Pettitt 
Sarah and Dan's Wedding at Great Chalfield Manor
Claire and Tony Matthews 
Claire and Tony's wedding at Wellington Barn, near Calne.
Siobhan and Gerald Curtis 
Siobhan and Gerald's wedding at the Limpley Stoke Hotel near Bath.
Cath and Dave Warman 
Cath and Dave's wedding at Grittleton House, near Chippenham.
Jennifer and John Law 
Jennifer and John's Wedding at Chippenham Registry Office
Jade and Ryan Sangster 
Jade and Ryan's Wedding at Marsh Farm Hotel, Royal Wootton Bassett.
Adam and Renata Kidgell 
Adam and Renata's wedding at Chippenham Register Office.
Charlotte and William Stone 
Charlotte and Will's wedding at Grittleton House
Hannah and Sam Burville 
Hannah and Sam's Wedding Reception at the Bailbrook House Hotel
Jayne and Laurence Barrett 
Jayne and Laurence's wedding at St. Mary's Church in Calne, Wiltshire.
Hannah and Nick Ash 
Hannah and Nick's wedding at St. Andrews Church, Leighterton.
Martha and Graham Gee 
Martha and Graham's wedding at St. Andrew's Church, Chippenham.
Nicky and Chris Grace 
Nicky and Chris's wedding at Cumberwell Park.
Jenny and Joe Cowley 
Jenny and Joe's wedding at Grittleton House
Ian and Bridget Scrannage 
Ian and Bridget's Wedding at St. Bartholomew's Church in Corsham
Frances and Peter Walker 
Frances and Peter's wedding at St. James Church Devizes
Jo and Ian Webber 
Jo and Ian's Wedding at St. Mary the Virgin Church in Devizes
Jane and Eddie Bell 
Jane and Eddie's wedding at Orchardleigh Walled Garden.
Vanessa and Tom Paget 
Vanessa and Tom's Wedding at St. Mary's Church Calne
Sarah and Guy Thomas 
Sarah and Guy's Wedding at Guyers House, Corsham.
Katherine and Age Mackenzie 
Katherine and Age's wedding at Chippenham Registry Office
Amy and Kevin Mitchell 
Amy and Kevin's Wedding at Chippenham Town Hall.
Mel and Ben Bischler 
Mel and Ben's wedding day at Bowood Hotel
Alison and Richard Harold 
Alison and Rich's Wedding at The Moonraker Hotel, Bradford on Avon.
Lauren and Mark Lovett 
Lauren and Mark's Wedding at Wellington Barn, Blacklands.
Lisa and Mike Jones 
Lisa and Mike's Wedding at St. Peters Church in Kington Langley
Abi and Jon Gambling 
Abi and Jon's Wedding at Grittleton House
Lucy and Charlie Faulkner 
Lucy and Charlie's Wedding at Sarum St. Martin's Church, Salisbury
Clare and Phillip Bevins 
Clare and Phil's wedding at Malmesbury Town Hall
Sarah and Matthew Worster 
Sarah and Matt's Wedding at Berkley Castle
Carolyn & Karl Ashton 
Carolyn and Karl's Wedding at Grittleton House
Leanne and Dave Bould 
Leanne and Dave's Wedding at Wick Farm, near Bath
Dave and Rich 
Dave and Rich's wedding at Grittleton House.
Jennifer and Peter Chesters 
Jennifer and Peter's Wedding at Grittleton House.
Katy and Lee Jamieson 
Katy and Lee's Wedding at Wellington Barn.
Nicola and Robert Pithouse 
Nicola and Rob's wedding at Orchardleigh.
Naomi and Rob Michie 
Naomi and Rob Michie
Jo and Carl Barber 
Jo and Carl's wedding at Cripps Barn
Esther and Mike Darby 
Esther and Mike's wedding at All Saints Church, Crudwell
Sarah and Brett Smith 
Sarah and Brett's Wedding at Grittleton House
Sarah and Chris Amos 
Sarah and Chris's wedding at Stanton House Hotel
Tracy and Danny 
Tracy and Danny's wedding at St. Mary's Church in Calne
Caroline and Graham's Wedding 
Caroline and Graham's wedding at St. Nicholas Church, Winsley
Lise and Jon Pearce 
Lise and Jon's wedding at Central Methodist Church, Chippenham
Sarah and Christian Amos 
Sarah and Chris's wedding at Swindon Register Office
Sarah and Timothy Allsop 
Sarah and Tim's wedding at Abbey House Gardens, Malmesbury
Magdalena & Rory Thorp 
Magdalena and Rory's wedding at Chippenham registery office
Neil and Kelly Wilson 
Kelly and Neil's wedding at Grittleton House
Sara and Andrew Brake 
Sara and Andy's wedding at Grittleton House
Sarah and Adam Romain 
Sarah and Adam's wedding at Hilperton Church
Connie and Andrew Patterson 
Connie and Andrew's wedding at Limpley Stoke Hotel
Paul and Lynn Twitchen 
Paul and Lynn's wedding at Christ Church Warminster
Sam and Mia Fairfield 
Sam and Mia's Wedding at St Nicholas Church, North Bradley
Dan and Jo Kerley 
Dan and Jo's Wedding at Grove Strict Baptist Church